Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Engagement Picture Coasters

Pin It Engagement Picture DIY Coasters

If you are a fan of Pinterest I'm sure you have seen the many DIY coasters made from tiles. I decided to make these into a wedding gift  for a sweet friend getting married in August!! I just love giving personal gifts!I decided to use their engagement pictures taken by Erin Nicole who did a wonderful job in capturing such beautiful sunsets, sweet kisses, laughs and pretty smiles. I purchased the tiles for only $.25 for all 6 of them at Habitat ReStore. Visit their website and you can find a store nearest you for neat finds such as old doors, tile, shutters, ect. It is wonderful!

  • First, I developed wallet size pictures so it would look more uniform and used my cricut to make a simple border using black scrapbook paper.
  • Next, I Mod Podged both the picture and border to the tile.
  • Then, I applied 3 coats of Polyurethane in clear satin. Let dry before applying each coat.
  • The pictures do not follow this step, but it's easy. Find a scrap of felt just enough to cut 4  half inch squares out for each tile and glue it to the bottom in each corner. This will prevent the tile from scratching the surface.
  •  Finally, tie them up with a cute little ribbon and you're done!
Supper easy, cute and personal :) Enjoy!

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