Friday, August 10, 2012


Wow this week went by fast! I just can't believe it is already FRIDAY! I'm linking up today with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog to share with you some of the highlights from my week!!

1. Jon and I attended our friends wedding last Saturday! It was also a traditional Indian Wedding! Vanisha was so beautiful!

With the beautiful bride!

With my handsome husband!

2. Since a lot of us were all in town for V's wedding we went out to breakfast Sunday morning and then spent half the day at the mall!! This is the yummy breakfast I had, and of course Hope with her hot chocolate!! :)

3. JOANN Fabric and Craft Store opended this week!!!!! And it's just down the street! I'm so excited! Honestly, this is going to sound really bad, but I went there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Well, I was making something and I didn't have enough...yeah I know, excuses excuses :)

4. My parents are coming into town today. They have been working with a realtor and they think they found a house!! I'm super excited!

5. Jon and I cooked every night this week! I stuck to my challenge! (read my post from tuesday, My Challenge) Now I need to plan for next week :)

 Link up with Lauren and let us in on your top 5 for the last week!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!


  1. What a beautiful bride and wedding photos!! Your dress is gorgeous too! Hit Joann's three times in one week?! Whatcha gonna make?!

    Nice to meet you through the #H54F Link Up! New follower here.


  2. Yay for Joann's opening in your town! One recently opened here, and I've been there more times than I care to admit ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay for Joann's opening near you! I live down the street from Joann's, Michael's and Hobby can get dangerous! LOL

  4. Indian weddings are always so beautiful- the colors are so stunning! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I would love for you to stop by sometime and say hello!