Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feelin' Lucky

 I would like to finally introduce you to our little Lucky! Lucky is a Hen and you know what that means...
 Fresh eggs!

These first few pictures were taken about 4 weeks ago and she has grown so much! My husband is building her chicken coop right now because she has outgrown the pin we had for her in the back bedroom to keep her away from the dog, cat and the other critters that live around here!

Lucky was given to Jon from an employee at work who raises chickens and he named her lucky. When she was just a few days old she was accidentally stepped on, hence the name :)

This picture was taken yesterday! She has gotten so big in just 4 weeks!
There you have it! I can't wait until we have fresh eggs to collect! Are you into gardening or raising chickens or cows? Our next project is a vegetable garden!