Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blog friends, I need your help!

Hello friends! Hope you are all having a great day! I'm sitting at Starbucks, catching up on blogs and cleaning up mine a bit, something I haven't done in awhile. So, I have a question for all you bloggers out there. I want to change the name of my blog to something that is more fitting. I came up with "Few of my favorite things" because I just couldn't think of anything else, but now, I have a few fun ideas. My question is, before I start changing everything around, will I lose content if I just go into blogger and change my URL? This may be a silly question, and something so simple, but I just don't want to lose anything. Let me know if you have any suggestions!



  1. if you change your blog url in blogger settings you wont lose your content, but you will lose all of your followers as your followers are linked with your blog url. If you want to keep your followers but change your blog name you can buy a domain from blogger really cheaply and you will have a .com or domain rather than '' Then everything from your current blog url is redirected to the new address so you keep your followers. It would change from '' to (insert new blog name here).com. If you go to settings in your blogger dashboard you will see where it says about buying a domain, think its about £6 a year.
    I hope that makes sense! x

  2. Hey you won't lose a thing, and you won't lose your followers either! x