Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Social: All About Thanksgiving

All about Thanksgiving

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory: 
Ha! When the sweet potatoe casserole caught fire in the over!! We got it out fast enough to where we just scrapped off the burnt marshmallows and then just replaced them. I remember my sister getting so upset because that was her favorite dish...

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: 

The turkey of course and the pecan pie!!

What is a Thanksgiving Tradition you and your family have? 

We would always put up the Christmas tree and all the other decorations in the house.

Show us a favorite Thanksgiving picture(or 5) from years past

Sadly, I don't have any with me right now. They are all at my parents house and they live about 5 hours away.

What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving?
 Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at our house for the very first time! My parents and grandparents are driving up and Jon's family will be here too!! I'm also looking forward to spending our first Thanksgiving married! Last Thanksgiving which would have been our first, we were apart in different states as I completed an internship.

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  1. congrats on hosting your first thanksgiving this year good luck & remember to just have fun

  2. Ahh, how fun that you are hosting! We have yet to do that, but hopefully will in the future :) The sweet potato casserole story made me giggle, I would have been upset too... one of my faves!!!

  3. so fun! love the first holidays of being married. Have so much fun hosting and make sure to take in every moment :) -annalizbeth

  4. That is so exciting that you are hosting Thanksgiving! I am sure it will look and taste lovely!

  5. We put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving too! I love doing it then since all of the family is already together :)


  6. We always put our tree up too! :)

  7. How exciting that you will be hosting your first Thanksgiving. We just bought our house and don't think will be ready to host our first Thanksgiving, there is always next year, God willing.
    I'm your newest gfc friend.
    Abigail K