Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are you ready....

for another THRIFTY TREASURE post! I literally go to Goodwill on a weekly basis, about twice a week! I don't always get lucky, but when I do, I usually find some pretty good stuff!

I have been collecting items for my vintage vanity which was given to me by my mother in law along with a matching dresser.

Here is what it looks like right now...

There is still work to be done, I would like to find a stool (I'm just using a simple chair right now ) And I would like to find a lamp and little mirror on a stand. I found one at Trade Days I liked and I should have bought it...

Gold Tray- My mom found this for me at Trade Days in Fredricksburg

Small glass jar with gold lid- This belonged to my great grandmother. I was about 7 when she gave that to me and it has been empty ever since until the other day I filled it with my face cream I wear under my makeup

Tall glass jar with gold lid- Goodwill find!! I found that yesterday. It is an old Estee Lauder Perfum bottle and I filled it with my makeup remover

Tea cup- Goodwill find! I found that last week and decided to put my cotton balls in it

Clear glass jar- I don't remember where I got that but it used to hold small shells and now it is holding my q-tips

 White milk glass vase- Goodwill find! I have about 7 of these now and still on the hunt for more

Gold picture frame- My grandparents are are the couple in the closest frame. My grandfather gave me that picture and frame a few years ago. One day without even looking I found one very similar at an antique store in Farmersville, TX and I put me and Jon's picture we took very similar on our wedding night

My great grandmother made the doilies which gives my vanity the perfect feminine touch.

I also found these Christmas tins this week at Goodwill! My plan is to make little treats to put in them and give them to our neighbors during the holidays.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great week!!


  1. There are so many Goodwills here in San Antonio! :) I have to be in the mood for a hunt to go, but it really looks like you've gotten super lucky every time! You go, girl. Teach me your thrifting ways!

    Love that vanity.

  2. Your vanity is simply beautiful and congratulations on your Good Will finds....I am not sure that I am that patient. Have a great day!

  3. A girl after my own heart! I love this, very creative and beautiful! And you didn't break the bank.

  4. These are awesome finds!!! :)

  5. Fun! I love thrifting! The thrift stores out here aren't great but every once in a while I find something! I love your finds.

  6. Oh what awesome finds! I am never lucky enough to find great stuff but then again I don't probably go thrifting enough :)