Tuesday, October 30, 2012

InstaTuesday with Jane!

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm liking up with Jane at Taingamala 

 If you missed my Thrifty Treasures post, you should check it out to see what treasures I have found for our bedroom.

Jon brought home flowers for me!! :)

Don't you HATE it when this happens!? I love this palate but I don't want to buy another one for just the one color.

What do you think about our new flower bed in the backyard?! Come spring we are hoping to plant some peppers, tomatoes and maybe some peas :)

Made this yummy treat the other night! Perfect for a little salty and sweet evening snack!

These are all the pics I had from this last week! It's your turn to link up with Jane and share what you captured this week! 

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  1. Yum those pretzel/candy snacks look delicious!!

  2. love love love goodwill finds, I got such great stuff this weekend!

  3. Goodwill finds rock! The flowers are SO pretty! And, yes I haaaaate that! I have the same problem right now. It's such a waste to buy a whole other palate when I just need the one color. But, of course it just isn't the same without that one color. And yuuuum those pretzel bites look so good!

  4. yes i have that problem too with one color is always used up and none of the others and they don't sell that color i use most as a single one, why not??

  5. Hello! I found you at the Wednesday Walkabout blog hop. Love your blog and I am your newest follower.