Friday, October 26, 2012

Time for a change

It is time to make some changes around here and I'm hoping that if I share them with you, it will hold me accountable...

1. Get a new blog design (I am getting tired of the one I have and would like to find someone who can personalize it more to reflect me and the purpose of my blog) Anyone, know of any good blog designers they have worked with before?

2. Host a guest blogger! It's time to pay it forward :)

3. Have a fun photo shoot for new pictures for my blog (there are so many blogs with the prettiest faces!!)

4. Reach 100 followers ( And when I do I would like to do a giveaway for the 100th follower)

5. Make a new button (well I guess that fits in with the whole new blog design)

6. Get out of the habit in participating in so many linkups. I truly love link ups, they are really fun and it has helped me meet a lot of other wonderful bloggers, but participating in just link ups was not the reason I started blogging. I will still participate in my favorites but also include some of my own writings when I do.

7. Assign two days out of the week to respond to emails and comments. I hate it when I have waited too long to respond to a comment or an email, and I get stressed when I see emails piling up so I think assigning Tuesdays and Sundays to respond to these would be a good idea!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :)



  1. Fran from Free Borboleta is great! She didn't do my blog, but I wish she had. I love all the blogs she does, she is one of the nicest people I've ever met AND she has great prices.

  2. Kristen from WTF Designs is awesome!! She just did mine. :)

  3. Rachel from Tunes and Spoons does really great designs...and she's very affordable! She's working on my blog design right now. (

  4. Changes are a good thing! :) I just revamped mine a bit last night & I'm also ready to get some new buttons! :) I just have to remember how to do that! ;) Have a great weekend!

  5. I really like Jenn at She's so easy to work with! She did mine for me back in February.

  6. Kristen at has done both of my blog designs, and she's incredible! I think she's having a sale on blog designs right now, as well. She's always gotten back to me right away, and is so easy to work with. I hope you find someone you love and connect with!

  7. lovely blog you have! so colorful and funny!!
    New post on my blog enjoy it!
    xoxo, Marika

  8. Kristen, this is a great post and so heartfelt. I understand - completely - the feelings you have for change and redirection. I think all bloggers (or at least I did) go through a link-up addiction phase, you're not alone! Regardless, you're doing a fine job and I'm so glad to call you a blogging friend. (Speaking of which, are you going to make it to the DFW Bloggers "ornament" exchange in December??) Finally, since you use BlogSpot as your platform, you should have no problem finding other layouts and designs to suit your fancy. You should also post on Facebook and Twitter asking for suggestions, I know people in the DFW Bloggers group do design-work and some have even offered to do them for FREE. When (it's not a question of IF) you're ready to host your 100th follower giveaway, send me an email and I'll provide a little-something-something. Big hugs to you, happy weekend!

    Nicole @ Three 31