Monday, October 15, 2012

Oreo Pops made with Oreo cookies and cream cheese!

Living in Florida last year to complete an internship at the VA hospital in Tampa, I lived with a wonderful woman! She was the best company being away from my family in Texas. One thing she taught me while living with her, was how to make cake pops! Now, these aren't your normal cake pops with the cake batter! These pops are made with only two ingredients, Oreo cookies and two sticks of cream cheese! Yum!

Here is what you do in 4 easy steps!!


1. Grind up Oreo cookies in a food processor
2. Empty into a big mixing bowl (this shouldn't even be a step, but oh well!)
3. Mix together two sticks of cream cheese into the Oreos.  Warning: this is pretty messy because you have to mix it together with your hands (I hate this part!!)
4. Roll them up into pops 

5. Place pops in the freezer as you melt the candy coating 

 This is how I melt the candy coating! For some reason I couldn't figure out the setting on our new microwave to correctly melt it without cooking it, so this is what I finally came up with after ruining the first bag of candy coating!!

I held the pop by the stick as I rolled it into the candy coating! What do you thing they are going to look like??

They are little pumpkins!! I made them for my mother in laws surprise birthday party last night!! More about the party tomorrow!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!




  1. How cute! And they sound delicious!

  2. Gave you the Sunshine Blog award. Stop by my blog to get the details =)



  3. They look amazing and so simple to make!

  4. These are the best - I baked them inside cupcakes and they were delicious!!

  5. I'm definitely gonna try this Kris!

  6. These look so yummy and cute!

  7. That looks AND sounds amazing! I will definitely have to try this as well! YUMMY!