Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday

My top 5's for the week:

1. Jon and I went to Nate's Seafood Resturaunt Sunday night and I had cumbo for the first time. It was pretty good after I took out all the chunks of okra. I prefer my okra fried and with ketchup!

2. My friend Ashfany came over Monday and we studied just a little and then ended up going to JoAnn fabrics and I taught her how to make the fabric button earrings!! It was a holiday anyway :) You can find the tutorial here.

3. Jon and I attended Wednesday Night Watch at our church for the first time! We really enjoyed it and look forward to going again.

4. We gave our 30 day notice that we will be moving out!! :) Whaahoo!!

5. Jon has been working a lot lately but Wednesday he surprised me by getting home at 2!! I kinda cried a little because I was just so happy to see him :)

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. yay! for husband coming home early one day and gumbo is so yummy i would have definitely ordered that as well

  2. Sounds like you had a good week! Doing projects with friends is so much fun, and I'm always glad for an excuse to go to JoAnn's! ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. that is sooo sweet that your man surprised you!! my hubby is in the middle of a crazy time at work as i love when he sneaks away early...even if it's 6 pm. haha

    happy friday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  4. I love how you show that it's the little things that matter. Coming home early is one of my favorites! (next to not leaving in the first place.)

  5. I love a good surprise :) and YAY for moving out!!!

  6. are moving out...where are you moving to? Stoppin' by to say HI! AND to award you with my "Southern Hospitality Award" You can find it here:;pageID=833529462327325763 Please pass it forward to anyone you choose and ask them to do the same! ALSO I was wondering if you'd like to be my BLOG OF THE WEEK next week? If me at! (if you say yes...go ahead and pick up the "featured" award for your blog! Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  7. Awwww Kris... I had sooooo much fun with you!!!! I'll be back soon ;)

  8. This is such a cute blog, Kristen!
    I just got your email about the swap..
    Love that we have the same name!  I've met a lot like us through blogging :)
    I saw that you like nautical prints.  I actually own the perfect scarf, so I'm going back to the store this weekend to see if I can get a duplicate for you!
    Like you, I adore getting snail mail.  There's something special about it.
    Talk to you soon!
    P.S. You're set up as a no reply blogger so I couldn't reply to your email. Do you know how to fix this?? If not, lemme know and I can help!