Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My First Guest Post

Good morning! Amy from Keepin' up with the Smith's asked me to do a guest blog post this week while she is on vacation! I felt so honored and so excited that someone would ask me to do that :) She has such a cute little family:) Go check out her blog and read how I made Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins :)
Have a wonderful day!
P.S. The move is going great! Everything is a mess....I literally don't know how we crammed all of our stuff in this itty bitty apartment! :) Read about the first home we shared here.


  1. Kristen! I just found your blog:) Loving these muffins....so "fall-ish". Can't wait to try them out (gluten-free style for me, hehe!). I'm also newly married...yeah, can't wait to be friends! Love Katie

  2. Those muffins look yummy! Heading over to see how to make them! :)Hope your week is going well!