Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Good morning! Today my mom and I were in desperate need of coffee and because the boxes with all the mugs in them have already been taken to the house we realized we had no mugs!!Wait! NO COFFEE MUGS!!! Luckily, when I was about to give up, my mom found two mason jars that I use in my craft room. I cleaned them up and set them under the best invention in the entire world, the Keurig and viola, we had coffee!!!!

I hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!! Now I'm linking up with Brook at Covered In Grace for...

Covered in Grace

I think this is just lovely and would be so easy to make! I would like to put in on the dining room table!
My husband and I can never remember if and when we turned the DW on so I believe this would be perfect to keep track!
I love this bedroom! So romantic.
Love this skirt! I want!
This is great!!! Perfect for a birthday gift!
In love with these colors!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!! Don't forget to link up your pins! This has been one of my favorite link ups!! -Kristen


  1. Haha, I've been desperate for coffee before too! I love the Mason Jar idea!

  2. Love mason jars, especially when I'm too lazy to do the dishes which happens more than I should admit :) I like the cupcake idea, so cute!!

  3. coffee in mason jars -- i love it! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Mason jars are a standard commodity in my house .... once I hosted book club and served dessert in pint-size jars. A few of the ladies decided they wanted to take theirs home to enjoy. You can bet your sweet soul that I was knocking on their doors a few days later, "Where's my Mason jar??????" Hmmph.

    That Scrabble-tile dishwasher magnet is adorable. I'll have to add that to my DIY board to make soon.

    I noticed you also had DesignSeed color boards. LOVEEEEEE!!!!!! You should visit that website and blog. I subscribe so I get the color boards delivered to my inbox everyday. Since I create the church's newsletter, I use DesignSeed for the color themes each month. All of the background, borders, and text colors are complimentary and looks very professional. I've done similar things with blog widgets too. If you notice my blog signature changes color about every other month. It's the small things, right?!?!?!

    Happy Thursday. Big hug!!!!
    Nicole @ Three 31

  5. I sent you an email the other day asking for your address again (that email address may very well be one you don't use, though). I accidentally deleted our emails with our address exchange. I can get your package out tomorrow if you email it to me again. :)
    Happy almost-Friday!

  6. Mason jars were a perfect solution! Must find a way to get that coffee :) I love the cupcake/toothpick idea, I'll have to remember that for a party.

  7. I love that you improved with mason jars, that's so smart!