Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update!

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This morning I have a case of the Monday's! I just didn't want to get out of bed!! I wanted to sleep all day and dream about the great weekend I had.

Friday night Jon and I went to one of my favorite resturaunts of all time, Pappadeaux! It was so good :) Then we got home and watched The Heartbreak Kid. That movie is crazy...I really don't know what I thought about it.

Saturday morning Jon and I got up early and headed to the Farmer's Market. We have lived here for about a year and this was a first time for us. The market goes on every weekend in the spring and summer but starting this month it only happends once a month. We didn't buy any produce since we still had some in the fridge from the grocery store, but we did buy some local olive oil, fresh flowers, coffee and some soap made from goats milk. The goats milk soap is amazing! If you have any type of skin irritation, I recommend this stuff! You can shave with it and it also takes off makeup. I love buying things locally made to help the community.

The big event of the weekend was the Texas Blogger Meet up!! It was fabulous!!! We all met up at A Piece of Work in Ft. Worth where we shared some wine and painted a canvaas together.  It was hosted by three lovely ladies, Julie from A Beautiful Day, Sarah from City Girl Gone Country and Taylor from Goings On In Texas. They did such a great job putting it all together and supplying all the wine and yummy snacks. I'm still new to this blog thing and I was just introduce to this group maybe a few weeks ago, so I only knew a few of the ladies, but now it just makes it more exciting to start reading the other blogs. I didn't post very many pictures, but I would like to thank all the lovely ladies who brought their cameras and shared their pictures!


I hope you all had a great weekend as well and hope it's a good week too!


  1. I love Pappadeaux! I'm glad I got to meet you at the meet up on Saturday night. :)

  2. What a fun weekend! I would love to go to a blogger meet up!

  3. I had such a great time meeting you on Saturday! I hope we get to do it again soon!

  4. It was so great to meet you on Saturday!!! The meetup was so much fun. Taylor, Julie and Sarah did such an amazing job on the gathering.
    I have a terrible case of the Mondays today, too. We have a little Farmer’s Market in my little town and I love it. I haven’t been to the big one in Dallas in years.

  5. It was great to meet you on Saturday! I'm glad to have found your blog, too. I'll be reading and next time we meet we'll know each other even better! I love that about blogs.


  6. Oh it looks like you had such a fun time at the blogger meet up. I have only ever been to one blogger meet up and IO felt so awkward, but it was still fun. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but still so worth it. Just fond your blog and have really enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  7. So glad you had such a good weekend! I love our local farmers' market, there's always something new to find! I got to go with a friend to participate with an outreach ministry at her church this weekend, and that was amazing.

  8. Farmer's markets are the best! Always a great way to spend a morning/afternoon. Relaxing, inspiring, and a great way to land some ridiculously fresh produce! :) And flowers of course. xoxo linds {{}}

  9. Get out the birth certificates .... Pappadeaux's is one of my FAVORITE places ever in history of the world. Seriously. If it wasn't so late and I didn't have to get up so early Sunday morning for church, I would have stopped at Pappa's in Fort Worth last Saturday night. Mmmmm my mouth is watering. When is lunchtime?!?!

    You're a doll and we MUST get together again soon. Miss you already. Good luck later this week on that exam, I know you'll do great!!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31